Welcome to Heart of Carolina Romance Writers

We are a chapter of the Romance Writers of America and our membership is drawn from all over North Carolina. We offer a wide variety of exciting programs, an active and accomplished membership, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with a really fun group of writers. We meet the second Saturday of the month in or near Raleigh, N.C. We invite you to join us!

All meetings from 1 to 3 p.m. at Glen Eden Pilot Park, 1500 Glen Eden Dr., unless other noted. Lunch at Carolina Café at Cameron Village at 11:30 a.m. prior to each meeting and coffee and discussion following the meeting also at Carolina Café.

Our Next Event is October 8, 2016. 

“Before You Hit Send Self-Editing Workshop” presented by Angela James 

Learn to self-edit and polish your manuscript in this all-day workshop presented by a Carina Press Editorial Director, Angela James.

What you will learn:

Develop a checklist of techniques and processes for enhancing self-editing skills and polishing future manuscripts. Learn how to make the new knowledge a habit when writing future books. Learn the basics and the advanced techniques of:


  • Dialogue and dialogue tags
  • Whether all forms of “to be” are really evil (the answer is no)
  • What is overwriting? How can you avoid it?
  • Basic and advanced punctuation
  • Passive voice vs active voice
  • Point of view
  • Pacing, including and editing trick to help you “fix” pacing
  • What we mean by show not tell. And how to do that!
  • Different types of editing and stages of editing
  • What to look for in an editorial relationship
  • What to look for and questions to ask when hiring a freelance editor
  • Formalizing and finalizing your manuscript before you hit send (or press publish)

REGISTER NOW:     https://www.rwa.org/e/in/eid=547

Address: Glen Eden Pilot Park Community Center, 1500 Glen Eden Drive, Raleigh


For more information: http://heartofcarolina.org/event/october-2016-all-day-writers-workshop/?instance_id=618

Upcoming Online Workshop for October

Oct. 3-30: Intro to Screenwriting with Sally J. Walker


Course Information

Ever wanted to translate an interesting story into a screenplay? Sally Walker will teach you the essentials of Hollywood-style storytelling, characterization, formatting, novel adaptation, scene and beat construction, dramatic dialogue, and bare-bones narrative. Film analysis will be covered. Guidelines to cinematic career building and marketing will also be discussed.

Instructor Information

Sally Walker’s published credits include literary, romance and western
novels, a nonfiction essay collection, several creative writing textbooks,
stage plays, poetry, and many magazine articles on the craft of
writing, including staff contributions to two international film magazines
for 10 years. With 30 screenplays written, one optioned in 2014, several
under negotiation at three different studios, and two novel-to-screenplay
adaptations on her plate, Sally has a well-respected manager representing her in Hollywood. In addition to long-time active memberships in such national writing organizations as RWA, WWA and SCBWI, she was president of a state-wide writers organization from 2007-2011. She keeps to a strenuous writing schedule and still has time to work as Editorial Director for The Fiction Works.


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