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Heart of Carolina Romance Writers Raleigh Chapter of the Romance Writers of America (R) America/New_York America/New_York America/New_York 20211107T020000 -0400 -0500 EST 20210314T020000 -0500 -0400 EDT 20210804T120555Z Meetings VP Programming; Workshop Presentation from 1:30-3:00 Public Welcome Matchmaker, Matchmaker! Six Steps to Finding the Right Literary Agent with LaVerne St. George ABOUT THE WORKSHOP:
 Finding the right Literary Agent for you and your manuscript is all about matchmaking.  You’re going to use a special “dating” site, search for the possibility of a successful merger of talents, and ask important questions of your potential partner with one goal in mind—find the best match. In  “Matchmaker, Matchmaker!” we’ll explore preparing for your search, brainstorming the qualities of your “perfect” match, identifying the candidates, introducing yourself to open the dialogue, and sealing the deal. With this information, you’ll be able to decide if you want a literary agent and if so, how to choose the best sales person for your current manuscript and a valuable partner for your career. PRESENTER BIO:
 Award-winning author LaVerne St. George is published in both nonfiction and fiction. She’s known for her delightful sweet and inspirational romances with believable characters. LaVerne’s training as a librarian fuels her research, and she enjoys sharing her writing experience and love of romance with any audience who asks her. She has been invited to speak and teach at small, local groups as well as at regional and national writers’ conferences. When not writing or speaking, LaVerne indulges in crocheting, crossword puzzles, vacation spots close to home, and reading romance novels with a touch of mystery. Non-members: please register using the following link: TBA 20210508T130000 20210508T150000 ZOOM log-in information will be provided. Please check your e-mail. 0 Matchmaker, Matchmaker! Six Steps to Finding the Right Literary Agent following the May Membership Meeting free General admission: $10.00, FREE for HCRW members