The Christine Hyatt Service Award

In 1997, HCRW member Judith Stanton suggested our chapter establish a service award to recognize members who gave outstanding support to the chapter. President Merle Finch liked the idea so much that she appointed Judith to head up a committee to establish the conditions under which such an award could be given. Judy Mills and Sarah Winn volunteered to serve on the committee with Judith.

By August of that year, the committee turned in its report and their suggestions were accepted. Nominations were called for at the October meeting. They were submitted to the committee, and the selection was made. At that year’s Christmas party, the first service award was given to Christine Hyatt who had restarted the chapter almost single-handedly and had then nursed it along, serving as our first president for two and a half years.

Any member can nominate any other member in good standing for this award by sending the name and the reasons for the nomination to the Awards Committee. The only people who cannot be nominated are the current president and past winners. The selection committee is now composed of the last three awardees. The award consists of a certificate and a commemorative pin.

This award had been given each year since 1997, but in 2006, after Christine Hyatt’s untimely death, the name of the Award was changed to the Christine Hyatt Service Award.

Past Winners are:

Heart of Carolina Service Award

1997 – Christine Hyatt
1998 – Sarah Winn
1999 – Emilie Rose
2000 – Merle Finch
2001 – Angie Narron
2002 – Sabrina Jeffries
2003 – Renae Hand
2004 – Jeannie Dees
2005 – Adele San Miguel

Christine Hyatt Service Award

2006 – Elizabeth Fensin
2007 – Sonja Foust
2008 – Lynne Scoggins
2009 – Marcia Abercrombie & Katharine Ashe
2010 – Beth Caudill
2011 – Jennifer Delamere
2012 – Ava Stone
2013 – Deb Marlowe
2014 – Olivia Kelly
2015 – Andris Bear, Susi Nonnemacher
2016 – no award issued
2017 – Merle Finch
2018 – Linda Johnson