Getting Results from Your Author Newsletter
Sep 1 – Sep 29 all-day

(This is a 4-week course.) Presented by: Jessie Clever

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Course Content: Comprehensive workshop on getting results from your author newsletter. This workshop is designed to help an author take control of the one source they have for always reaching their readers.  Your readers want to hear from you.  Here’s a workshop to help you make it a good conversation.

Stumbling along the ever changing landscape of social media?  Frustrated with posts that only reach 25% of your followers? Drive traffic to a source you control: your e-newsletter.

In this workshop, you will learn strategies for growing your list by offering value adds to your e-newsletter subscribers.  In addition, we will take a look at tools for measuring the responsiveness of your list, what attracts readers, and what simply doesn’t work.  Take control of communicating with your readers.  Build an e-newsletter that works for you.

Instructor bio: Jessie decided to be a writer because the job of Indiana Jones was already filled. Taking her history degree dangerously, Jessie tells the stories of courageous heroines, the men who dared to love them, and the world that tried to defeat them. Jessie makes her home in the great state of New Hampshire where she lives with her husband and two very opinionated Basset hounds.

Advanced WordPress
Oct 2 – Oct 28 all-day

Advanced WordPress
Sponsor: Heart of Carolina Romance Writers
Fee: $30 non-members/$25 HCRW and CRW members
Date: Oct 2, 2017 – Oct 28, 2017
Presenter: Pepper O’Neal

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Course Description: Now that you have your website or blog set up, it’s time to get creative. This course will focus on advanced customizing of WordPress sites. It will include: installing WordPress on your home computer and creating a webhost server that is not connected to the internet so that you can test ideas in a risk-free environment, troubleshooting your site when it crashes, creating custom menus, importing and exporting content from different sources, creating user-friendly permalinks, search engine optimization, and using the WordPress community forum. The class lasts four weeks.

– Setting up WP on your home computer: working with local host for both
Mac and PC.
– Working with menus: creating custom menus, putting menus in your
– Playing around in the WP Content Folder and troubleshooting: what to
do if you crash your site.
– Fun things you can do with your site: embedding videos and adding
images from the web.
– Optimizing your site for search engines, part 1.
– Optimizing your site for search engines, part 2.
– Going live, part 1: uploading your practice site to the web.
– Going live, part 2.
Instructor Bio:
Pepper O’Neal has a doctorate in education and has taught a number of
adult education classes on many different subjects. She currently works as a
freelance researcher and author. When she was told by both of her publishers
that she needed to have a website, she realized she needed to finally join
the age of technology. She also realized she had two options. She could pay
someone to design the site for her, or she could to do it herself. As she
hates depending on others for things involving her career, she decided to
learn how to use the free web-design software WordPress and Joomla. She took
classes, hired experts for tutors, and picked the brains of her
web-designer friends. After designing her own websites, she decided she liked doing
it, and now she designs websites for others.

October 2017 Writing Workshop @ ECPI University
Oct 7 all-day

All-Day Workshop  Featuring Virginia Kantra, Bestselling Author

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9:30 a.m.:  Registration opens (limited seating, coffee & tea available)

10 a.m. to Noon:  Deep Point of View

Deep point of view (POV) is the quickest, cheapest tool in the writer’s toolbox for shoe-horning your reader into your character’s skin. It is driven by your characters’ experiences and emotions. This workshop explains how close third-person POV combines the advantages of first-person POV with the versatility and wider camera lens of third-person POV. Elements to consider in writing deep POV include the character’s gender, education level, environment, age, career, and needs and conflicts. Using first and final drafts from Virginia Kantra’s own work and examples from bestselling and RITA-nominated books, this workshop will explore when and why deep POV is effective and discuss how to write it in description, narrative, and dialogue/subtext. Special attention will be paid to formatting; techniques for switching POV within a scene; and to writing in male POV, including “Virginia’s Guide to Guy-Speak.”

Noon to 1:30 p.m.:  Lunch (List of locations available at registration desk)

1:30 – 3:30 p.m.:  Body Language

Body language, nonverbal cues to feelings and intentions, is key to communication–and to romance. In this two-hour class, Virginia explores the elements of body language from facial expressions and gestures to touch and the use of space. Learn how to bring your characters and scenes to life by focusing on four functions of body language in fiction: revealing character, improving pacing, enriching subtext, and developing the romance.

Raffle baskets containing books and other goodies will also be available.



“Get Those Butterflies Out of My Stomach! Pesticide for Clichés”
Nov 1 – Dec 1 all-day

Topic:  “Get Those Butterflies Out of My Stomach!  Pesticide for Clichés”

Instructor:  JoSelle Vanderhooft

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Course Description:  Clichés are a problem with which every author contends at some point, which can muddle and drag down a perfectly good story.  In this workshop, you’ll learn why they happen, why they–generally–do not serve your writing, and how you can replace them with stronger, more original, and more succinct choices.

Instructor Bio:  Instructor Bio: JoSelle Vanderhooft has been editing since 2004. Her clients include publishers such as Dreamspinner Press, Siren/Bookstrand, and Bella Books and individual authors who have been nominated for numerous awards or reached Amazon bestseller status. As an author, anthologist, and poet, her own work has been a finalist for the Rainbow Reader Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the Lambda Literary Award. She lives in Utah with her family and a marvelous orange kitty cat.  Website:

(NOTE: No class during Thanksgiving week.)


November 2017 Meeting @ ECPI University
Nov 11 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Self-Publishing Panel with Hannah Meredith, Kate Parker and Nancy Lee Badger

Hannah Meredith, Kate Parker and Nancy Lee Badger will take questions and give tips on formatting, uploading and sites for distribution. Please join us with your questions!

December 2017 Holiday Party @ ECPI University
Dec 9 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Start the 2017 holiday season with a bang! Join us for fun, camaraderie, food and whatever else pops up.

Writing Multiple Series
Jan 7 – Jan 13 all-day

Writing Multiple Series with Instructor: Marie Force

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Class Description:  A series can be a great way to launch a career and hook readers on your writing. Keeping readers coming back for more while managing multiple titles, series and genres can be somewhat overwhelming without a clear strategy in mind. As the author of five New York Times bestselling series currently at various stages, Marie Force offers some secrets to keeping multiple balls in the air at the same time. This topic will be useful for authors who have several titles to manage and are looking to grow their following. Marie will share some of the tricks of what works for her and offer a never-before-seen inside look at Maid for Love, the book that launched her most successful series. She will also share how she’s “trained” herself to write two—and sometimes THREE—books at the same time.

Instructor Bio: Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of 60 contemporary romances, including the Gansett Island Series and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books. In addition, she is the author of the Butler, Vermont Series, the Green Mountain Series and the erotic romance Quantum Series, written under the name of M.S. Force. All together, her books have sold 6 million copies worldwide!

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

Join Marie’s mailing list for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area. Follow her on FacebookTwitter @marieforce and on Instagram. Join one of Marie’s manyreader groups. Contact Marie at


Finish That Book! The Chunky Method of Time Management for Writers
Jan 15 – Feb 2 all-day

Finish That Book! The Chunky Method of Time Management for Writers

Instructor: Allie Pleiter

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Class description:

Allie Pleiter’s popular Chunky Method offers practical, real-world productivity advice in an interactive on-line class. Follow a step-by-step plan to identify your unique writing “Chunk” and wield it to create a solid plan that works “even when life gets in the way.”  No matter what your writing style, The Chunky Method will help you chart an individualized path to your creative writing goals. The award-winning author of over thirty novels with 1.3 million books sold world-wide, Pleiter has been teaching her nuts-and-bolts tactics across the country for years to writers of all genres, ages, and experience levels.  Filled with real-life examples, humor, honesty, and encouragement, The Chunky Method offers an essential resource for thriving in spite of all that the current market—and everyday life—demands from a writer’s creative energy. As one student said, “I now can see that it can be done!  The “Chunky Method” is just remarkable!  This class was such a great start for my year!”


Allie Pleiter is the author of “The Chunky Method Handbook: Your Step-by-Step Plan to WRITE THAT BOOK Even When Life Gets in the Way.” She writes both fiction and non-fiction, working on as many as four books at a time.  The “dare from a friend” to begin writing has produced a seventeen-year, 30+ title career with over one million books sold.  In addition to writing, Allie regularly speaks on faith, the creative process, women’s issues, and her very favorite topic—time management for writers. Visit her website at