Advanced WordPress

May 1, 2018 – May 29, 2018 all-day
$30 non-members/$25 HCRW and CRW/NC members
Online workshop coordinator

Advanced WordPress

Instructor: Pepper O’Neal

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Course Description: Now that you have your website or blog set up, it’s time to get creative. This course will focus on advanced customizing of WordPress sites. It will include: installing WordPress on your home computer and creating a webhost server that is not connected to the internet so that you can test ideas in a risk-free environment, troubleshooting your site when it crashes, creating custom menus, importing and exporting content from different sources, creating user-friendly permalinks, search engine optimization, and using the WordPress community forum. The class lasts four weeks.

– Setting up WP on your home computer: working with local host for both
Mac and PC.
– Working with menus: creating custom menus, putting menus in your
– Playing around in the WP Content Folder and troubleshooting: what to
do if you crash your site.
– Fun things you can do with your site: embedding videos and adding
images from the web.
– Optimizing your site for search engines, part 1.
– Optimizing your site for search engines, part 2.
– Going live, part 1: uploading your practice site to the web.
– Going live, part 2.
Instructor Bio:
Pepper O’Neal has a doctorate in education and has taught a number of
adult education classes on many different subjects. She currently works as a
freelance researcher and author. When she was told by both of her publishers
that she needed to have a website, she realized she needed to finally join
the age of technology. She also realized she had two options. She could pay
someone to design the site for her, or she could to do it herself. As she
hates depending on others for things involving her career, she decided to
learn how to use the free web-design software WordPress and Joomla. She took
classes, hired experts for tutors, and picked the brains of her
web-designer friends. After designing her own websites, she decided she liked doing
it, and now she designs websites for others.