Writing Conflict Hurts

May 6, 2019 – May 31, 2019 all-day
$40 non-members/$35 HCRW and CRW/NC members
Online Workshop Coordinator

Description: Writing Conflict Hurts — not just because it makes your characters suffer, but also because it’s painful to create and carry through on a page. However, conflict drives story and holds an editor’s attention, which means it sells books. Conflict also entices readers to turn the page, which helps create a satisfying experience (plus repeat purchases). Bring a story idea to this interactive course and learn how to build, refine or edit your stories by creating compelling conflict and stronger plots, one element at a time. Takeaways include:
* Developing story goals that are hindered by conflict
* How to deepen character and create emotionally satisfying reads
* Better understanding of internal and external conflict
* The “bumpers” that keep your characters acting consistently
* Conflict that catches the attention of editors and agents
* Summarizing and presenting your finished or developing story

Instructor Bio:  Melinda Curtis, an award-winning USA Today bestseller of over 35 romances, is a writing craft geek. Before turning to writing as a career, she worked with a cultural anthropologist and a marketing psychologist on how to create more compelling packaging at the shelf. One class short of a psychology minor, Melinda believes that “knowing more about what makes people tick can add depth to your writing.”