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Anthology Cover

Anthology Cover

Who do you go to for answers to your most pressing writing and publishing questions?

It’s an exciting time to dive into publishing. But writing can still be a confusing and even a lonely job. What if you had an experienced published author friend that you could call on at a moment’s notice with questions from “How do I get my characters to sound different from each other?” to “Can I expect my publisher to do that for me?”

Written by authors for authors, Heart of the Matter includes advice, anecdotes and information gathered through the hard-won experience of members and former members of the Heart of Carolina chapter of Romance Writers of America. From the exciting beginning of your writing project to its triumphant end, this collection covers everything from the tricky creative challenges that can arise in your work-in-progress to the toughest decisions a published author has to make. Top names in the industry share with you their secrets for smoothing out the rough spots and taking your writing career on the path to success. Heart of the Matter is a great resource for ideas, inspiration, and practical advice. A must-have for your craft shelf.

For authors in all stages of their careers, Heart of the Matter offers 40 articles of instruction, guidance, and encouragement from multi-published and talented authors.

With contributions by: Katharine Ashe, Nancy Lee Badger, Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Melinda Collins, Caren Crane, Andrea Dalling, Jennifer Delamere, Sonja Foust, Mari Freeman, Lilly Gayle, Sherri Hollister, Constance Hussey, KD James, Sabrina Jeffries, Samantha Kane, Virginia Kantra, Summer Kinard, Erin Knightley, Gina Lamm, Jennifer Lohmann, Elizabeth Martal, Bob Mayer, Heather McCollum, Hannah Meredith, Rebekkah Niles, Kate Parker, Lena Pierce, Emilie Rose, Reese Ryan, Laura Simcox, Ava Stone, Carol A. Strickland, Judy Teel, Andrea J. Wenger, and Sarah Winn.

What Others are saying:

“Created by writers for writers, Heart of the Matter is a gem of a book that’s overflowing with hard-won wisdom and heartfelt advice on all the joys and trials of becoming an author. Brimming with insights on everything from mastering the self-discipline it takes to learn the art of writing, to lessons on craft and career, to finding the courage to stay on track with your goals, Heart of the Matter will be a book you turn to time and again for help, support, and encouragement as you work toward your own writing dream.” – Kelly L. Stone, author of TIME TO WRITE: No Excuses, No Distractions, No More Blank Pages and THINKING WRITE: The Secret to Freeing Your Creative Mind

“Wow! Where was this book when I started my writing career? A must-have compilation of rock-sound advice from writers who know what they are talking about. This is a book you’ll dip into time and time again to improve your craft, buck up your confidence or give you sound advice on the next step in your writing journey. There’s something for everyone in here from aspiring maybe-one-day-I’ll-be-a-writer to multi-published authors who are contemplating a career shift. This book has it all!” – Mary Buckham, author of the Amazon best-selling Writing Active Settings series for writers.

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